What Apps?

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Got a great idea for a mobile app that anyone could use? Have some feedback on our Beta Test? Leave us a message and help to improve the AppEZ platform!

How it Works



Fully native apps for iOS and Android smartphones; optimized for any screen.



Upload your custom graphics and personalize the UI to your taste.

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Over the Air

Send an app download link directly to your friends’ email addresses.



Your app is a secure and safe way to share information with your chosen audience.

What Our Users Say

I think you have aimed properly at the public who does not understand jargon and has sufficient sophistication to build a PowerPoint slide or enter stuff on web pages. Good job.Susan H.
I chose the Family Scheduler App and I have to admit, either I am dumb, which i do not consider myself to be, or have been living under a rock but I have not seen a family scheduler that would help me in my life. That is why I like this one so much. I love being able to personalize my life in an app.Sean B.
I really enjoyed how straight forward the process was. The speed of app creation was phenomenal. I think this platform is great for those who want to make an rudimentary application for their own use and a great introduction it elementary app design. Hopefully it will spawn a new breed of developers who will take things one step further and develop native apps for iOS and Android.Steven D.